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Prince - Plumley Family Tree (Genealogy Site)

Descendants of S. Peyton Clayton

Generation No. 1

1. S. PEYTON CLAYTON was born bef. 1862 in Spartanburg, SC, & died abt. 1913 in Spartanburg, SC. He married LAURA LOFTIS. Laura was born bef. 1862, & died bef. 1965.
S.P. fought in the Civil War, & was a prisoner of war. He founded & helped build the first Holly Springs Baptist Church. S.P. was reportedly 7 ft. tall & died because he would not let the doctor perform surgery on a rupture.

Children of S. CLAYTON and LAURA LOFTIS are:
2. i. DANIEL DAVENPORT CLAYTON, b. June 24, 1880, Spartanburg, SC, d. May 21, 1965, Tryon, NC (St. Luke's Hospital).
3. ii. NOBLE D. CLAYTON, b. bef. 1900; d. bef. 1966.
iii. THOMAS "Tom" CLAYTON, b. bef. 1900.
4. iv. LEACY MISSOURI CLAYTON, b. Oct. 22, 1872; d. May 4, 1953.

Generation No. 2

2. DANIEL DAVENPORT CLAYTON (S. PEYTON) was born June 24, 1880 in Spartanburg, SC, & died May 21, 1965 in Tryon, NC (St. Luke's Hospital). He married HATTIE MAE STONE abt. 1908, daughter of JEFF STONE & HARRIETT SUDDETH. She was born May 31, 1892 in Spartanburg, SC, & died May 10, 1978 in Spartanburg General Hospital, SC.
Daniel was a retired farmer. He was a member of Holly Springs Baptist Church in Inman, SC. He is buried at Holly Springs Baptist Chuch cemetery, Inman, SC.
Hattie Mae is buried in the Inman city cemetery.

5. i. MONTIE PAULINE CLAYTON, b. June 3, 1909; d. aft. 1994.
6. ii. LORAYNE LINNIE CLAYTON, b. July 21, 1911, Holly Springs, SC, d. Oct. 16, 1994, Tryon, NC (St. Luke's Hospital).
7. iii. S. PEYTON "S.P." CLAYTON, b. Feb. 20, 1914; d. bef. 1994.
iv. IRA C. CLAYTON, b. July 6, 1916; d. aft. 1994, m. BEATRICE COCHRAN; b. May 3, 1922.
8. v.RUBY ELLEN CLAYTON, b. Dec. 24, 1918; d. aft. 1994.
9. vi. JAMES LEE "JIM" CLAYTON, b. Sept. 7, 1921; d. aft. 1990.
10. vii. LOLA HARRIET CLAYTON, b. July 26, 1924.
11. viii. ROBERT "BOB" CLAYTON, b. Nov. 6, 1926; d. aft. 1994.
ix. HUBERT EUGENE CLAYTON, b. Aug. 26, 1929; d. aft. 1994.
12. x. MARY ETOLIA CLAYTON, b. March 9, 1932.
13. xi. PALMER CLAYTON, b. Jan. 22, 1935; d. aft. 1994.

3. NOBLE D. CLAYTON (S. PEYTON) was born bef. 1900, & died bef. 1966.

Children of NOBLE D. CLAYTON are:
i. SLIM CLAYTON, d. bef. 1988.

4. LEACY MISSOURI CLAYTON (S. PEYTON) was born Oct. 22, 1872, & died May 4, 1953. She married (1) JOHN ELMORE SIMS. He died 1897 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She married (2) J. HEZZAHKI FLOYD.
Leacy called herself a Doctor of Herbs. She would walk through the woods & gather roots, berries, & plants. She would fix her concoctions & cure almost anything. People would come from all around to see her. Once while visiting the hospital, Leacy entertained the doctors & nurses with her remedies to the point that their other duties were neglected. No records of these concoctions & elixirs was kept.

Children of LEACY CLAYTON and JOHN SIMS are:
14. i. JOHN ELMORE SIMS, b. Feb. 15, 1894, Spartanburg County, SC; d. April 22, 1970, Greenville County, SC.
15. ii. ARTHUR CLINTON SIMS, b. July 5, 1895, Spartanburg County, SC; d. Sept. 17, 1969, Spartanburg County, SC.
iii. CHARLES ELBERT SIMS, b. Aug. 15, 1898, Spartanburg County, SC; d. March 6, 1940; m. MAUDE GREER; b. July 14, 1895; d. June 26, 1984.
After Charles's death, his wife Maude married his brother Arthur.

Child of LEACY CLAYTON and J. FLOYD is:
iv. D. M. FLOYD.

Generation No. 3

5. MONTIE PAULINE CLAYTON (DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born June 3, 1909, & died aft. 1994. She married RAYMOND LEE TAYLOR. He was born March 31, 1911.

i. P.A. TAYLOR, b. 1951 m. D.L. CAMPBELL; b. 1944.

6. LORAYNE LINNIE CLAYTON (DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born July 21, 1911 in Holly Springs, SC, & died Oct. 16, 1994 in Tryon, NC (St. Luke's Hospital). She married JOSEPH CLEOPHUS PRINCE 1937 in SC, son of JOHN PRINCE & CARRIE BRUCE. He was born 1914 in Landrum, SC.
Lorayne was a member of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, SC. She is buried at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.

i. T.J. PRINCE, b. 1939, SC; m. B. BURNS in 1961.
16. ii. J.E. PRINCE, b. 1941, S.C., m. J.L. BARNETTE.
iii. C.W. PRINCE, b. 1943, SC.
17. iv. A.M. PRINCE, b. 1946, SC.
18. v. M.J. PRINCE, b. 1947, SC.

7. S. PEYTON "S.P." CLAYTON (DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born Feb. 20, 1914, & died bef. 1994. He married GENER ADKINS. She was born July 1, 1916.

Children of S. CLAYTON and GENER ADKINS are:
19. i. A.B. CLAYTON, b. 1940.
20. ii. R.W. CLAYTON, b. 1943.

8. RUBY ELLEN CLAYTON (DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born Dec. 24, 1918, & died aft. 1994. She married GEORGE WASHINGTON MORROW. He was born May 8, 1919.

21. i. D.M. MORROW, b. 1940.
ii. HENRY DANIEL MORROW, b. Jan. 28, 1942, d. after 1980.

9. JAMES LEE "JIM" CLAYTON (DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born Sept. 7, 1921, & died aft. 1990. He married C. VASSEY. She was born 1924.

Children of JAMES CLAYTON and C. VASSEY are:
i. D.A. CLAYTON, b. aft. 1936; m. W.A. MINTON.
ii. A. CLAYTON, b. aft. 1936.
iii. T. CLAYTON, b. aft. 1936.

10. L.H. CLAYTON (DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born July 26, 1924. She married ANSEL MELVIN HOWARD. He was born Oct. 26, 1922, & died bef. 1994.

Children of L. CLAYTON and ANSEL HOWARD are:
22. i. K.M. HOWARD.
23. ii. B.J. HOWARD, b. 1945.

11. ROBERT "BOB" CLAYTON (DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born Nov. 6, 1926, & died aft. 1994. He married P. HOWARD. She was born 1929.
i. T.R. CLAYTON, b. 1963.

12. M.E. CLAYTON (DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born 1932. She married R.J. VASSEY.
Child of M. CLAYTON and R. VASSEY is:
24. i. J.R. VASSEY, b. 1951.

13. PALMER CLAYTON (DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born Jan. 22, 1935, and died aft. 1994. He married P.A. SLOAN. She was born 1935.
Child of PALMER CLAYTON and P. SLOAN is:
25. i. B. CLAYTON, b. 1957.

14. JOHN ELMORE SIMS (LEACY MISSOURI CLAYTON, S. PEYTON) was born Feb. 15, 1894 in Spartanburg County, SC, & died April 22, 1970 in Greenville County, SC. He married FLORENCE CLAYTON, daughter of WILLIAM CLAYTON & SALLY ?. She was born March 21, 1894, and died July 19, 1971.

i. OLLIE SIMS, b. July 30, 1912; d. Aug. 23, 1979.
ii. V. SIMS, b. aft. 1904.
iii. E. SIMS, b. aft. 1904; m. SELLARS.
iv. F.E. SIMS, b. aft. 1904.
v. P. SIMS, b. aft. 1904; m. H.E. BROWN.
vi. D.E. SIMS, b. aft. 1904.

15. ARTHUR CLINTON SIMS (LEACY MISSOURI CLAYTON, S. PEYTON) was born July 5, 1895 in Spartanburg County, SC, & died Sept. 17, 1969 in Spartanburg County, SC. He married (1) MAUDE GREER. She was born July 14, 1895, & died June 26, 1984. He married (2) OLA WOOTEN abt. 1912.

26. i. D. SIMS.

Children of ARTHUR SIMS and OLA WOOTEN are:
27. ii. H.I. SIMS, b. 1915, SC.
28. iii. M.L. SIMS, b. 1918, SC.
iv. L.G. SIMS, b. 1919, SC; m. B.F. MCALISTER, July 6, 1945, Greenville, SC; b. Dec. 15, 1917, Greenville County, SC; d. Nov. 21, 1976, Greenville County, SC.
29. v. H. SIMS, b. 1921, SC.
30. vi. DORRIETT DEAN SIMS, b. Oct. 24, 1925, Asheville, NC; d. Jan. 12, 1977, Greenville County, SC.

Generation No. 4

16. J.E. PRINCE (LORAYNE LINNIE CLAYTON, DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born 1941 in South Carolina. He married J.L. BARNETTE 1960 in SC, daughter of EUGENE BARNETTE & JUNIE OWENS. She was born 1943 in SC.

Children of J. PRINCE and J. BARNETTE are:
i. J.C. PRINCE, b. 1966, Greer, SC; m. M.D. PLUMLEY 1998, SC; b. 1972, SC. She is the daughter of R.J. PLUMLEY & B.D. LOWE.
31. ii. C.S. PRINCE, b. 1969, SC, m. L. BROWN.

17. A.M. PRINCE (LORAYNE LINNIE CLAYTON, DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born 1946 in SC. She married W.W. GARRETT, JR. in 1966. He was born bef. 1955.

Children of A. PRINCE and W. GARRETT are:
i. T.R. GARRETT, b. 1968.
ii. L.A. GARRETT, b. 1969; m. J.Q. TERRELL, 1988.

18. M.J. PRINCE (LORAYNE LINNIE CLAYTON, DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born 1947 in SC. She married (1) L.R. ENSLEY, 1965. She married (2) T. DEAN, 1991.

Children of M.PRINCE and L. ENSLEY are:
i. L.R. ENSLEY, b. 1967; m. R. SCRUGGS, 1990; b. abt. 1968.
ii. J.R. ENSLEY, b. 1975.

19. A.B. CLAYTON (S. PEYTON "S.P.", DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born 1940. He married R.A. FOWLER. She was born 1939.

Children of A. CLAYTON and R. FOWLER are:
i. C.R. CLAYTON, b. 1973.
ii. S.R. CLAYTON, b. 1977.

20. R.W. CLAYTON (S. PEYTON "S.P.", DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born 1943. He married R.E. FORRESTER. She was born 1938.
Child of R. CLAYTON and R. FORRESTER is:
i. L. CLAYTON, b. 1969.

21. D.M. MORROW (RUBY ELLEN CLAYTON, DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born 1940. He married J. JONES. She was born 1939.
Child of D. MORROW and J. JONES is:
i. M. MORROW, b. 1969.

Child of K.M. HOWARD is:
i. M.S. HOWARD, b. 1970.

23. B.J. HOWARD (LOLA HARRIET CLAYTON, DANIEL DAVENPORT, S. PEYTON) was born 1945. She married J. BARBARE. He was born 1942.

Children of B. HOWARD and J. BARBARE are:
i. J.C. BARBARE, b. 1967.
ii. G.W. BARBARE, b. 1969.

Children of D. SIMS and R. HALL are:
i. D. SIMS.
ii. R. SIMS.
iii. G. SIMS.

27. H.I. SIMS (ARTHUR CLINTON, LEACY MISSOURI CLAYTON, S. PEYTON) was born 1915 in Greer, SC. She married J.O. FOSTER, 1933 in Greenville, SC, son of ROBERT FOSTER and FLORENCE ?. He was born 1912 in Greenville County, SC.
Child of H. SIMS and J. FOSTER is:
32. i. C.N. FOSTER, b. 1934, SC.

28. M.L. SIMS (ARTHUR CLINTON, LEACY MISSOURI CLAYTON, S. PEYTON) was born 1918 in SC. She married HERMAN ERTELL KEELER, 1939 in SC, son of HERMAN KEELER and MAYME GAY. He was born Sept. 29, 1912 in Greenville County, SC, and died Jan. 18, 1967 in Greenville County, SC.
Children of M. SIMS and HERMAN KEELER are:
33. i. K.C. KEELER, b. 1943, Maryland.
34. ii. C.G. KEELER, b. 1954, SC.

29. H. SIMS (ARTHUR CLINTON, LEACY MISSOURI CLAYTON, S. PEYTON) was born 1921 in SC. She married W.R. LUPO, 1941 in SC.
Children of H. SIMS and W. LUPO are:
i. J.C. LUPO, b. 1943; m. DENNIS EARLE MILLER, b. Aug. 11, 1941, SC; d. Jan. 19, 1990, SC.
35. ii. C.A. LUPO, b. 1951.

30. DORRIETT DEAN SIMS (ARTHUR CLINTON, LEACY MISSOURI CLAYTON, S.P.) was born Oct. 24, 1925 in Asheville, NC, & died Jan. 12, 1977 in Greenville, SC. She married RICHARD EARL HEATH Jan. 26, 1939, son of CARL JONES & LILLIE HEATH. He was born Aug. 26, 1923 in Mauldin, SC, & died Dec. 20, 1973 in Greenville, SC.
36. i. R.E. HEATH, b. 1946, Baltimore, Maryland.
37. ii. M.D. HEATH, b. 1959, Greenville County, SC.


The following notes are taken from History of Spartanburg, By J.B.O. Landrum, copyright 1900
Page 117:
There was a group of folks called The Clayton Total Abstinence Society of Georgia.
Pages 119-121:
The Spartanburg Village Temperance Society was organized in 1830
"Among the proceedings of this society, it was set forth that the only object of temperance societies was to improve and direct public opinion, by disseminating such information as will exhibit strongly the great evils flowing from the use of intoxicating drinks, and resolutions were passed earnestly recommending to the district societies that they abstain entirely from all interference with the district police."
Republican Washington Society - D.B. CLAYTON
List of names of soldiers from Spartanburg County who were enlisted in the Confederate States including those enlisted in the South Carolina State Militia, State Reserves and Cadet Corps during 1861-1865.
22d Regiment, S.C.V., Company B
Jasper CLAYTON killed by mine explosion at Petersburg, J.G. CLAYTON (Pages 692-693)