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Prince - Plumley Family Tree (Genealogy Site)


Generation No. 1
1. WILLIAM VARDRY FEW was born July 18, 1882, & died April 6, 1972. He married RILDA LUCRETIA STONE Feb. 23, 1905, daughter of JESSIE STONE and SARAH HUDSON. She was born Sept. 18, 1887, & died Aug. 14, 1977.
Children of WILLIAM FEW and RILDA STONE are:
2. i. S.F. FEW, b. March, 1906.
3. ii. A.B. FEW, b. June, 1908.
iii. M.S. FEW, b. August, 1911.
4. iv. J.G. FEW, b. June, 1913.
v. F.F. FEW, b. November, 1915; m. N. LISTER.
5. vi. G.T. FEW, b. November, 1919.
vii. B.L.E. FEW, b. December, 1923.

Generation No. 2
2. S.F. FEW (WILLIAM VARDRY) was born March, 1906. She married L.C. KERNELLS Feb. 28, 1924.
Children of S. FEW and L. KERNELLS are:
i. GENEVA KERNELLS, b. June 13, 1925; d. June 13, 1925.
ii. WILLIAM HENRY KERNELLS, b. Sept. 1927; d. Sept. 1927.
iii. INFANT SON KERNELLS, b. Sept. 4, 1931; d. Sept. 4, 1931.
6. iv. W.D. KERNELLS, b. June, 1933.
v. G. KERNELLS, b. August, 1935.
7. vi. J. KERNELLS, b. September, 1937.

3. A.B. FEW (WILLIAM VARDRY) was born June, 1908. She married I.A. COLEMAN Dec. 24, 1936.
Child of A. FEW and I. COLEMAN is:
8. i. L.K. COLEMAN, b. October, 1940.

4. J.G. FEW (WILLIAM VARDRY) was born June, 1913. He married R. BANKS. She was born September, 1920.
Children of J. FEW and R. BANKS are:
9. i. J.C. FEW, b. December, 1939.
ii. M.J. FEW, b. March, 1943.
iii. G.W. FEW, b. April, 1946; m. C. GATES, December.
10. iv. G.A. FEW, b. May, 1949.
11. v. S.R. FEW, b. June, 1956.
vi. T.L. FEW, b. September, 1959; m. D.R. DICKERSON, September, 1977.

5. G.T. FEW (WILLIAM VARDRY) was born November, 1919. She married T.C. BLACK.
Children of G. FEW and T. BLACK are:
12. i. A.F. BLACK, b. February, 1943.
13. ii. J.E. BLACK, b. April, 1947.
14. iii. S.A. BLACK, b. August, 1948.
15. iv. G.R. BLACK, b. July, 1954.

Generation No. 3
6. W.D. KERNELLS (S.F. FEW, WILLIAM VARDRY) was born June, 1933. He married M. ENGLER Nov. 21, 1953.
Children of W. KERNELLS and M. ENGLER are:
16. i. D.D. KERNELLS, b. June, 1954.
17. ii. D.D. KERNELLS, b. May, 1959.
iii. D.D. KERNELLS, b. April, 1961.

7. J. KERNELLS (S.F. FEW, WILLIAM VARDRY) was born Sept., 1937. She married W. MCABEE Jan. 27, 1956.
Children of J. KERNELLS and W. MCABEE are:
18. i. M. MCABEE, b. March, 1957.
19. ii. S.J. MCABEE, b. February 26.
iii. W. MCABEE, b. September, 1962.
iv. S.A. MCABEE, b. March, 1965.
v. D.H. MCABEE, b. August 1967.

8. L.K. COLEMAN (A.B. FEW, WILLIAM VARDRY) was born Oct., 1940. She married T.R. SHAVER.
Children of L. COLEMAN and T. SHAVER are:
i. M. SHAVER, b. March, 1964.
ii. C.R. SHAVER, b. September, 1972.

9. J.C. FEW (J.G., WILLIAM VARDRY) was born Dec., 1939. She married D.L. KNIGHTON Sept. 23, 1956. He was born Nov., 1932.
Child of J. FEW and D. KNIGHTON is:
i. D.K. KNIGHTON, b. April, 1962.

10. G.A. FEW (J.G., WILLIAM VARDRY) was born May, 1949. He married K. MOORE. She was born Dec., 1951.
Children of G. FEW and K. MOORE are:
i. G.L. FEW, b. January, 1973.
ii. G.A. FEW II, b. October, 1977.

11. S.R. FEW (J.G., WILLIAM VARDRY) was born June, 1956. She married T.W. ALEXANDER Feb. 15, 1975. He was born Dec., 1951.
Child of S. FEW and T. ALEXANDER is:
i. K.E. ALEXANDER, b. April, 1978.

12. A.F. BLACK (G.T. FEW, WILLIAM VARDRY) was born Feb., 1943. She married T. GREEN March 6, 1966.
Children of A. BLACK and T. GREEN are:
i. D.M. GREEN, b. July, 1967.
ii. D.M. GREEN, b. November, 1968.
iii. M.D. GREEN, b. July, 1973.

13. J.E. BLACK (G.T. FEW, WILLIAM VARDRY) was born April, 1947. She married J.B. CARLTON July 2, 1966.
Child of J. BLACK and J. CARLTON is:
i. A.E. CARLTON, b. May, 1971.

14. S.A. BLACK (G.T. FEW, WILLIAM VARDRY) was born August, 1948. She married W. KERNELLS.
Child of S. BLACK and W. KERNELLS is:
i. S.M. KERNELLS, b. March, 1974.

15. G.R. BLACK (G.T. FEW, WILLIAM VARDRY) was born July, 1954. She married M.R. WHITE Feb. 14, 1975.
Child of G. BLACK and M. WHITE is:
i. M.R. WHITE II, b. April, 1977.

Generation No. 4
16. D.D. KERNELLS (W.D., S.F. FEW, WILLIAM VARDRY) was born June, 1954. She married C. FARMER.
Child of D. KERNELLS and C. FARMER is:
i. J.L. FARMER, b. February, 1976.

17. D.D. KERNELLS (W.D., S.F. FEW, WILLIAM VARDRY) was born May, 1959. She married R.K. MORRISON June 22, 1961.
Child of D. KERNELLS and R. MORRISON is:
i. L.A. MORRISON, b. October, 1966.

18. M. MCABEE (J. KERNELLS, S.F. FEW, WILLIAM VARDRY) was born March, 1957. He married L. STOWE.
Child of M. MCABEE and L. STOWE is:
i. M.R. MCABEE, b. June, 1975.

Child of S. MCABEE and W. SELLARS is:
i. S.D. SELLARS, b. May, 1978.